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Enhanced by Sky

The built-in smart assistant ensures energy savings.

Mobile Control

The Vivint Smart Home App lets you adjust the thermostat while you’re on the move.

Echo + Element Thermostat

Add Amazon Echo for hands-free control

Sleek Design

Element complements your home decor.

Custom Alerts

Set custom notifications and get alerts when the indoor temperature changes

Humidity Sensors

Optimize air quality by keeping an eye on humidity levels.


HD Resolution

Get the Big Picture and Still see the Details

The built-in Smart Assistant auto-adjusts Element to your preferences when you're home and conserves energy when you're not, even if you forget to turn down the heat when you leave.Element is a versatile part of your Vivint Smart Home system. Use the app to start the air conditioning or furnace as you leave the office for home. Or use it in the home office to stay warm on a winter day.

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  • Mobile Access
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection

Mobile Access

Check Your Home Anytime

Yes, you can use your smartphone to control multiple garage doors. While some products integrate this feature into the app, others may require individual garage door sensors. Although, most people opt for products with all-in-one benefits



Professional Installation From Smart Home Pros

Smart Home Pros will sync your WiFi, outdoor camera, and smart home products into one complete system to provide you with an effortless smart home experience.

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